Resources for Healthy Living

This is where I’ll post all of my favorite companies that I use, have used or would use, and my favorite products. These companies are also conscious of ensuring that they are offering Clean products. Some will be affiliate links, but they don’t charge you anymore for their products. I would not affiliate with these companies if I didn’t trust them or haven’t used their products.

I use many of Code Age’s products, and really like the Liposomal and Fermented offerings. My son is really liking the Liquid Men’s Multi. I had him on the Fermented Teen Multi when he was younger, and it cleared his acne. Receive 10% off with code: TheNeuroNerd

The Health Ranger Store has many offerings that I have been using over the years. Including storable food!

Did someone say constipation??? Bar none, Global Healing has The Best Colon Cleanser Program! You don’t have to worry about cramping, like when you take Senna. They have many good products as well. We also use the Detoxadine (nascent iodine).

I’m never without Vibrant Blue Oils’, Parasympathetic! It calms the nerves and the gut, and it helps with digestion.

Essential oil

Hands down, Berkey is my favorite filtering system. Don’t be led astray by the lies of the alphabet agencies working overtime to put Berkey out of business. Berkey IS still The Best! I’ve been using mine for over 20 years!

For all my lady friends! Are you suffering every month with PMS or dealing with Menopause? You could need one simple adjustment to your routine…Progesterone! Organic Excellence is the Only brand that has given me results. Try it out! Be sure to try the bath and beauty products too.